One of our highly valued customers, Mark van der Berg of LOUD AND CLEAR, has a son who is an aspiring motorcycle racing driver.  

 Alex van der Berg’s career in motorcycle racing started in 2011 when he competed in the CBR 150cc Championships and this is where his love of the sport began.  

Alex has completed various racing competitions between 2012 to date, and has achieved various accolades within this period due to his will to succeed, his perseverance and commitment to the sport. His motivation to excell as a drive was greatly supported by his family, especially his dad, Mark. 

 Alex has partaken in various CBR 150cc Championships during 2013 as well as 600cc Super Bike Championships in 2015. He was awarded the Western Province Motorcyle Rookie Of The Year Award for 2014. Due to his great performances, Alex was promoted to Class A – where he competes with the mightier 1000cc Superbike riders.  

Autowatch was incredibly proud to have been one of the sponsors in Alex’s most recent race on 20 February 2016, in which he completed the race in his Kawasaki ZX6, coming 7th overall. 

 We see huge things happening in the future for this young aspiring rider, who has much enthusiasm and the determination to put himself on the podium for every competition he enters.